Throwing A Renaissance Fair-Themed Birthday Party

24 April 2017
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Looking for unique and fun birthday party themes can be a challenge, and if you want something other than a princess or cowboy party, consider throwing a renaissance fair-themed bash for your child's next birthday. Here are just some of the many fun ideas you can use to make this party a hit with everyone who attends. 

The Dining Tent

The dining tent can be the main centerpiece of your party setup. Set up two long folding banquet tables, leaving space in the middle large enough for a card table. Use pallets to create a raised area for the card table. This will be where the birthday prince or princess will sit during the meal and during the cake cutting. Use tablecloths to cover each table, and rent a large tent from your local party rental  company to cover the eating area. All of the seats should face your yard, so everyone can have a full view of the party space as they eat. Consider decorating the birthday child's chair to look like a throne for extra fun.

Inflatable Jousting Area

You might not have enough room in your backyard for traditional jousting with horses, but you can rent an inflatable jousting area from your local party rental company to add a fun activity to the party. This game features soft jousting sticks and a large inflatable base for kids to safely fall on during the joust. Be sure that everyone is wearing protective headgear while playing this game.

Costume And Photo Booth

You can invite your child's friends to come dressed in renaissance fair costumes, or you can have costumes available for them to play dress up in at the party. Consider creating a photo booth with a photo background of a castle, and provide costume pieces they can use to create their own looks. Court jester hats, knight costumes, and fair maiden dresses are just a few ideas you can use to stock the photo booth area. Take pictures of all the kids in their costumes, and print off copies to send to the parents along with thank-you cards.

Costumed Characters

No renaissance party is complete without live entertainment. Consider costumed character rentals for the event to make your Renaissance-themed party a hit. For example, you can hire a King Arthur character to reign over the day's events. Knight and princess characters can mingle with your party guests throughout the day, and costumed troubadours and jugglers can provide entertainment during the meal. You can even take this idea one step further by hiring actresses dressed as barmaids to serve drinks and food at the party. Your party planner can help you to put the finishing touches on your party, including the rental of a suit of armor, medieval decorations, or other renaissance fair-inspired items to make your child's birthday party unique.

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